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Elieoli Servizi elicotteri per Eolie e dintorni

Ph. [h24]. & Fax: +39 090 983 333
Gioia Tauro
Ph. +39 0966 500 581
Fax +39 0966 506 554
P.IVA 01636930503


Dedalus has been operating in the air transport sector since 2002 under the registered trademark elieolie®. The Panarea based company offers flights to and from the airports in southern Italy, allowing passengers to swiftly reach any destination. Our helicopters can even pick you up straight from home, and take you anywhere you like. Flying aboard our helicopters in the skies above the Mediterranean will give you an original vision of the delightful landscapes below. For a truly unforgettable experience, try one of the TRIPS that fly over the volcanoes of Etna and Stromboli, with take-offs from Taormina, Panarea, Catania or anywhere else on request.

Safety on the services is guaranteed by our highly reliable helicopters and experienced crews.

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